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I love art-crafts, stories, and vintage items.

About ME

Born in the 70's, I always felt drawn to rustic elements or items that told a story with the scars they gained with the passage of time. As a lover of vintage items & repurposing various elements into creative solutions, I've seen beauty in what others consider broken or outdated.  I’m true to my creative spirit, a visionary, and will become passionate about every artist I get to collaborate with. My creativity is both organic and limitless. I have worked hand-in-hand with artisans in my native Ecuador, creating elements to decorate my family's fashion businesses. Additionally my family started an art-craft program in Comasagua, El Salvador to help the people overcome the economic crisis that occurred as a result of the 2001 earthquake's devastation. 

Unexpectedly I landed on Maui at the beginning of 2014 and have fallen in love with the gifts and opportunities that the island has given me. At the beginning of 2017 I became the Design & Project Manager for the Maui Tropical Plantation. During that time I renovated and curated all of their venues. With my amazing team we repurposed parts and items collected from the now closed Pu‘unene Sugar Mill as a way to honor and tell Maui's sugarcane history. My designs are showcased throughout the whole property. Early 2021 I designed, built and curated the interior of the newly opened Country Market at the plantation, which is a one-of-a-kind venue in the state of Hawai‘i. While witnessing the amount of local businesses looking to sell their products at the market, I wondered if I could start a venture that would showcase local arts and crafts. Thoughts manifested into words, and words into actions. At the end of November of 2021 I opened Mālama Studio while showcasing 12 local artists.  Three months later 12 turned into 22. Some of the sales benefit nonprofits that care for local youth, our sea life and people with disabilities. I am beyond grateful for everyone's support. Some days it still feels like a dream.

Meet the maker


A design studio + retail space that showcases select handmade products from local artisans that honor, and align with Maui’s history and tradition. 

My wish is to not only share the techniques of working with different materials, but to tell the stories behind them, both to Maui residents and visitors.

In times of division based on people's differing beliefs, I'd like to provide an all  inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to be a part of something positive.  

I chose the name Mālama as I aim to not only honor and take care of this island that's been so good to me, but its people, culture and traditions, along with the environment.

90% of the furniture here at the studio has been salvaged or previously owned, with the intention of minimizing my venture's footprint and showcasing creative solutions. 

Mahalo nui loa for your continuous support!

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